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Texas Wildlife Association’s
North Texas Impacts

This video was featured at the 2016 James Green Wildlife & Conservation Initiative event in April 2016. Texas Wildlife Association’s Conservation Legacy programs are delivered throughout the state, and in North Texas they are delivered under the banner of James Green Wildlife & Conservation Initiative.

Why is there a TWA Foundation?

TWA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that was organized in 1991 to serve as a funding source for conservation education and research programs directly related to the foundation’s mission. TWA Foundation does not participate in lobbying activities and does not engage in political activities, allowing it to solely focus on its educational mission. TWA Foundation has a close relationship with TWA, working together to continue to create, establish, and introduce innovative approaches to achieving agriculture and natural resource literacy and foster life-long learning for students of all ages.

The Need:

As Texans become more and more disconnected from the land, the need for natural resource education dramatically increases. Natural resource illiteracy threatens us all. TWA Foundation provides a solution by funding TWA education programs and participating with various partnerships to ensure healthy habitats, train conservation ambassadors, and equip the leaders of tomorrow. TWA Foundation puts nature within people’s reach and helps Texans understand the value of natural resources.

The education and outreach programs of TWA that are supported by TWA Foundation are divided into two main categories:

Empowers and educates Texans with the fundamental tools necessary to facilitate natural resource literacy and foster a relationship with the outdoors.
Supports the proud tradition of hunting and recognizes its place in conservation.

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