TWAF Conservation Initiatives

TWA’s Conservation Initiatives promote landscape-level conservation of habitats and species through empowerment of land stewards and managers in their quest for healthy ecosystems and strong agricultural economies. TWA believes that such grass-roots efforts are the most productive means of promoting and propagating a wise use of natural resources in Texas. TWA partners with other organizations, agencies, and land managers to provide support, coordination, and outreach related to implentation of various conservation projects across the state. Recent efforts include:

Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implentation Program (EARIP)
Environmental Flows Process
Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan (SEP-HCP)
Recovery Credit System Task Force
Advisory Committee to the Interagency Task Force on Economic Growth and Endangered Species (Camp Bullis, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Houston Toad)

Joint Ventures

Texas Native Lands Alliance (TNLA)
Prescribed Burning Initiatives
Texas Quail Initiatives
Coastal Prairies Conservation Initiative (CPCI)
Pecos River Initiative (PRI)